The Keys to Success

What we need to be prepared to do to be successful.
Any change is tough, and the biggest challenge most of us face is actually turning up to our appointments. The sad truth is, if we are doing everything 'correct' attendance isn't a problem, but if we have had a bad week, struggled on the tasks we had planned to accomplish, we tend to compound the problem by not attending.

For our attendance to be if not close to 100%, we will set up the same day & time to help build the consistent routine that we need. By creating this as a regular occurrence, this takes away the 'simply forgot' excuse. We also set up reminders in our Committed 2 Fitness app with reminders 24hrs and 1hr prior to your appointment. 
Goal Plan
Having the right goal is essential and at our Health Coaching appointments and funnel programs, we will help give you the right goal with a step-by-step plan to maintain that hunger that we had from the beginning. 

A lot of us tend to have a goal that is 6 months away but because the goal is so far away, we tend to put it out of our minds until the deadline is near. By setting small, achievable goals, we have eliminated any 'lull' periods and continued to develop the growth mindset. 
Have the desire is one thing, but believing that you can actually achieve the goal is another. Without belief, the reality is this goal is not possible. We have to reprogram our mind to believe we can do this. The truth is the most successful people in the world are successful not due to the tools and resources (although it helps) but the fact that they have the belief that they will actually achieve. 

Building self-confidence and creating the strong will-power and desire is generated from the belief that we will be successful, and from here the work will be done with knowledge that we will see the benefits from our work. 

Always remember, those who never try ALWAYS fail. Keep working on your goals and sooner, rather than later you will succeed.
Setting Deadlines - Celebrating our Wins - Facing Consequences
You know the old saying, tomorrow nevers comes? - How many times have we said "I will do that tomorrow" or "oh well, there is always tomorrow" too often in our goals, we allow the opportunity to fail without consequence. Sometimes, we just need to treat our goals like a boss. 

If your boss said to you "I need this done by 4pm", you would move heaven and earth to make this happen. Why? - Because if we don't we could potentially be fired (ie consequence) but if we do, we could ask for that pay rise or promotion (celebration/reward)

By taking away the grey and promising ourselves that we will be compliant to ourselves, we now know we have to get this done. For example - you might promise yourself to start walking for 20mins, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and if I do, I will get to eat my favourite piece of chocolate. But if I don't I will complete 30 burpees. 

Now - which one would you rather do? By taking away all the reasons why we didn't do it, instead, we just need to do it by this time or we will face consequences. But - we also get to celebrate and do all the things we thoroughly enjoy if we do.  
Time Management
I have no time. This is probably the most used reason why people aren't successful in their goals. To ensure we are successful and truly happy, we need to put time into the things that matter the most to us. The sad truth is, we don't. We tend to spend our time on our phones, watching TV & browsing social media, that will do very little for our mindset. 

To help solve this issue, during our health coaching appointment, we will help design a realistic time management planner for you to follow to ensure this is no longer an issue. Once again, all the most successful people in the world have planned schedules, why can't we? 
We need to be held accountable if we truly want to succeed. If we aren't held accountable, then very quickly you will see your habits creeping back and very soon, you will want to quit. We will do whatever it takes to ensure you are successful, and we will be in touch with you everyday in someway, shape or form. But at the end of the day, it's up to you to communicate with us. 

We help keep you accountable, we have created a support group that we run every Saturday at 7am Perth time for everyone who needs assistance. I highly advise you all to be on this as surrounding yourself with others who are in the same boat as you and seeing their health journey alongside yours is truly valuable for your mindset, hunger and excitement jeans.  

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