Weight Loss? – The Scale are indeed wrong!

The fitness industry is constantly moving, constantly evolving. That is one of the awesome things about being a fitness coach. You just never stop learning. Different movements, different diets, different focus.

What have now also evolved are scales. For so many years, we have believed “scales is king”. If the scales say we are overweight, then we believe are overweight and the first we tend to do is stop or reduce eating. For a while now this has been proven time and time again that is absolute tripe. But why is this taking so long to evolve?

Well, I was one of you. Stepping on the scales every morning, wondering why I am not losing the amount of weight I should be considering my eating regime was good and I was training harder than ever. I can tell you it’s seriously off-putting and deflating seeing the number only slightly decease or sometimes even increase.

But then, when I learned it was more about measurements, it just made sense. Why should scales tell me that I am overweight when in fact I went down a pants size? Isn’t that more important?

So, I start every month measuring all areas of my body and counting the amount of cm I lost, and providing I stuck to the plan, the results not only for me but when I also implemented this for my clients, it was always positive.

Don’t get me wrong, I still at time step on the scales, but I don’t care what is says anymore. (Well maybe a little) but if you are going to step on the scales, just use it as a guide. Remember, measurements are king.

Measurements can determine your body fat %, which is, essentially the percentage of fat in your body. As you may know muscle weighs more than fat, and how is the scales going to know what % of muscle to fat ratio is in your body.

Here is a prime example. A average professional AFL player who is 188cm tall (approx. 6ft 2inch) is around 93-98kg. According to the scale, or their BMI, they are considered overweight. Crazy! Now try telling a professional athlete that they are overweight with a straight face. 🙂

So, next time you step on the scales, think about this. How hard have I worked? How well am I eating? Are my clothes fitting better? If the answer is always ‘so well’ or something like that, then don’t let the scales tell you otherwise.
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    1. Absolutely! The reason why I was inspired to write this article, was seeing people absolutely devastated when they didn’t lose weight on the scales, even though they felt better, had more energy and their pants needed a belt! Thank you for your comment, and if you would like to arrange a free planning session to help you with your life, please e-mail jeremy@committed2fitness.com.au

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