The Most Underrated Exercises your probably not doing

When we think of exercising, we think of running/walking, push ups, ab crunches and then we get lost :). The key to any exercise program is variety. We need to have a combination of mobility/flexibility, strength, cardio and core to ensure we are getting the best results. Therefore, the best exercise might be the one you aren’t doing. Switching up your usual workout routine will challenge your muscles in new ways and battle boredom, which could make you more motivated to exercise in the first place. So if you catch yourself on the treadmill for hours on end — or doing ab crunches ‘til your neck gives out — we’re here to help.

To honor the forgotten, overlooked or unappreciated movements, with help from my fellow trainers, I have come up with the best exercises that fly under the radar for a lot of us. Not only will these moves build strength, improve endurance and burn calories, they’ll keep you progressing toward your goals. Whether you’ve been working out for three days or 30 years, we bet you’ll learn a tip or two from the 15 exercises below (listed in order of beginner to more advanced).

  1. Superman
    Hamstrings, abs, lower and upper back muscles
    You might be thinking this sounds hard, or this is an ab exercise (abs of steel), but the superman exercise is all about the back. And that’s a good thing, this exercise (Superman) is way more important than crunches, because the exercise does a better job of promoting good posture and strengthening the muscles in your back.
    How to Get Started: Contact us now for a free coaching session. and we will show you how!
  2. Brisk Walking
    Cardio and endurance
    I won’t say walking is better than running, however it does have some of the same benefits; such as reduced risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and improved cardiovascular health. The benefit that a brisk walk has over running is that a brisk walk won’t put undue stress on your body like running might, but taking some deep breaths while walking can help you release stress which I believe is a win for everyone!
    How to Get Started: Hit the open road to make this more epic!
  3. The Lateral Band Walk-Out
    Targets: Glutes
    Lateral band walks strengthens and targets the gluteus medius, or side of your butt, and does so without bulking. Instead, it helps chisel and tighten the booty and legs. Best of all, you won’t need to spend hours hobbling around like a penguin to get results. You will find that you’ll feel the burn instantly once you start side-stepping around. Keep it up for three sets of 10 reps and you’ll have a solid addition to any dynamic warm-up or lower-body routine.
    How to Get Started: Check out our youtube channel for a demonstration of proper lateral band walk technique or contact us now (08) 6444 4180
  4. Dead Bug
    : Core
    The Dead Bug is a core exercise performed on your back, where you want to engage your abs to resist extending your lumbar spine (or, arching your back) as you lower your legs to the floor. In other words, you’re keeping your back against the floor while raising and lowering your legs and arms. “There are enough variations that can challenge anyone ranging from a beginner to the most advanced trainee, yet I am amazed how many people have never seen this exercise before or can’t remember the last time they last tried it.
    How to Get Started: Check out our youtube channel, or contact us now for a free coaching session.    
  5. Rower or Seated Row
    Quads, glutes, arms and back
    A rowing machine or performing a seated row is so important for your back. This exercise also provides stability to your joints, and does impact them like some other exercises do. You will find improvement in your posture and fitness if you include this in your weekly routine, I promise 🙂
    How to Get Started: For best results, purchase a rower. However, the next best option would be to buy some resistance bands that you can get from us for only $40 AUD plus shipping.
  6. Sumo Squat
    Glutes, quads and inner thighs
    I love this exercise because it targets the inner thighs while standing. So, skip those machines and do this instead.
    How to Get Started: Like all exercises, technique is key. Contact us now for a free coaching session 
  7. Stairs/Step Ups
    Glutes, hamstring, calves and core
    I always encourage my clients to get outside! In Perth, we are so lucky having 300 days of sunshine, with plenty of stairwells to choose from. I am not a huge fan of the treadmill. Plus with stairs, by running or walking up and down stairs, you’ll rev your heart rate, improve coordination and develop lower body strength. There’s so much variety in how you can use stairs!
    How to Get Started: To take your fitness level to new heights, find a staircase near your area and don’t be afraid to change it up every now and then. Can’t find stairs? That’s ok just a step will do, preferably one with height adjustments.
  8. Single-Leg Deadlift
    Core, glutes and hamstrings
    While regular deadlifts are great for building strength, balancing on just one leg means your core has to stay engaged throughout the movement. It’s all about firing up the posterior chain with single-leg deadlifts. This is also a great exercise  to help strengthen and stabilize your joints. Once again, no equipment necessary!
    How to Get Started: Once again, technique and engaging your core is a must. For more tips, please e-mail
  9. Sprint Training
    Cardio and endurance
    As you know I am not a fan of the treadmill and just running long distances without a purpose doesn’t interest me either. Sprint training, can really get the heart rate going and you can mix up the distance, time, just about anytime. Also, you can do this anywhere!
    How to Get Started: Start small and record your results. I would recommend having markers as your targets or a timer. I highly recommend seeking professional help to avoid injury. Chat to us now and arrange a free coaching session
  10. Clean & Press/Jerk
    Quads, glutes, hamstrings, abs, shoulders, upper back, triceps
    This exercise works so many muscles, if you are time-poor, then this exercise is a must. The Clean & Press combines a front squat with a push press. This full-body movement is very metabolically demanding and really gets the heart rate up, the power that you generate from your legs in the squat propels the weight overhead where your abdominals, shoulders, upper back and triceps take over.
    How to Get Started: Start without weights or have just a bar or even a broom handle when starting, only apply weight when you feel ready. Contact us now for a free coaching session.

As you can see from these 10 exercises, you may have noticed there is none for your chest or biceps. The reason is that is one of the muscles we always use, and as a result, our posture and overall mobility declines. As mentioned earlier, balance is so important, which is why having someone assisting you is a must.

I am more than happy to arrange a no-obligation free coaching session to help get you started. Contact the team now on (08) 6444 4180 and one of our friendly staff will arrange a time for you.


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