Real Personal Training: Discover Our Client’s Success Stories

No matter who you are or what you do, Committed 2 Fitness can help you achieve your fitness goals. Even when it feels like there’s no time or way to fit in exercise, we can make a plan that works for you, just like we have for so many of our clients.

Parents and Personal Training

Whether you’re trying to have a baby or already running around looking after little ones, it can be easy to let your health fall to the side. If you are trying to conceive, being healthy is particularly important. Our client Jane discovered this after unsuccessfully trying for almost a year and being told by her doctor she needed to lose weight.

“I tried walking with weights, sit ups, eating less, but I wasn’t getting anywhere and in fact I was putting on more weight. Committed 2 Fitness appealed to me because they were mobile and had helped people similar to me in the past. After a few months, I managed to drop a full dress size and had to start buying new clothes. I managed to lose 47kgs and I got pregnant!”

Office Workers and Fitness Training

When you’re working nine-to-five, it can feel like there’s no time to squeeze in exercise during the week. When the weekend rolls around, the gym is often the last place you want to be. However, not getting your body moving after sitting at a desk for hours on end affects both your physical and mental health, as our client Angie, who works as an accountant, discovered.

“I was feeling depressed and unhappy the day I called Committed 2 Fitness. I felt really unhealthy and unfit. They understood, where I came from, rather than saying to me ‘Don’t be ridiculous’ They fixed the problem which was my diet and the fact I didn’t do enough strength work. I feel so much better, healthier and happier.”

Training the Busy Business Owner

Work can be even more time consuming when you’re running your own business. That was the case for our client David, an owner of three dental clinics who was often on the road and working late nights. We were able to show David no matter what your schedule we can create a fitness plan that will work for you.

“We started with early morning sessions, which I hated, but after a while it became fun and enjoyable. I also noticed I became more productive at work, meaning I was finishing earlier. I used some of this time for additional exercise and now I am fitter, healthier and happier”.

Fighting Illness with Fitness

One of the toughest things someone can through in life is receiving and battling a cancer diagnosis. In these hard times it can be easy to throw in the towel on exercise. Our client Chris was diagnosed with brain cancer and given 12 months to live. While undergoing radiation, Chris was told, to give himself the best possible chance of surviving, he should incorporate some strength training.

“I had a chat with Jeremy and he told me he had helped another guy survive a quadruple bypass, so I thought maybe he could do the same for me. They were with me even through treatment, checking on me and keeping me feeling positive. We had to start training in the dark as I could no longer be in the sun, but that wasn’t a problem, he had all the gear with him and we kept training daily. I am not out of the woods yet, but it has been over a year now and I am still alive and breathing. I still am having regular treatments, but am feeling confident”.

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