Personalised Group/Corporate PT

Get all your work colleagues, or your friends and family and form your own personalised group!

As we are mobile, we can arrange to train your group at your preferred location at your preferred time, and we are very flexible in accommodating your group should things need to change.

Generally, we run a circuit style of training; however if you would like us to run a Boxing or Core strength class, we can do this too. It’s your personal training class after all – like our one-on-one training we tailor the class to your needs!

With our personalised corporate group classes, we train up to 15 people at the one time and we only charge the one flat rate, regardless of how many people attend. We find this is the most affordable way to train and encourages others to participate. Not only does it save you money, you still gain the benefits of personal training while sharing the experience with the people you know and look forward to seeing at each session.

To book your group, or for more information, please contact the team at Committed 2 Fitness on 08 6444 4180 or e-mail