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Want to Lose Weight fast, Tone Up or Get Fit? Have an injury that you feel is preventing you from achieving your goals? Do you feel you need something that is more personal? Have you been thinking about these goals for quite sometime now?

We have the solution, people just do not know about it yet, or perhaps they don’t see the value in it.

Fact: Did you know that if you hired a personal trainer twice a week, they are only seeing you 4% of your week? Do you really expect genuine results from this?

Coaching allows us to step back away from exercise to focus your entire week, rather than just session by session. We can help educate, motivate and set weekly action plans for you. We will keep your workouts goal focused and keep you accountable.

With all the expert advice, nutritional plans, monthly weigh-ins and quarterly tests, we know what it takes to get you towards your goals and we will be with you every step of the way. Every workout is recorded on our app for you to view at anytime.

If you would like a free trial now, please contact the team on (08) 6444 4180 or email


8 Week Challenge Coming Soon! (e-mail for your expression of interest.

Lose Weight fast with Committed 2 Fitness!


If you would like to start right now, please contact the team (08) 6444 4180 or e-mail