One on One Personal Training in Perth

One on One Personal training is the quickest way to get results, why? Because 100% of our attention is on you!

Before we start, we run through a full fitness appraisal. This is the best way to know exactly where you are at, and we also will help you set short and long term goals.

On top of this, we will run through an array of fitness tests based around your current endurance, speed, recovery, agility, strength, core and flexibility. We will run these exact same tests later down the track in conjunction with your re-appraisal to see how much you have exceeded your own expectations!

Every C2F session is purely based around your goals and we will always push you to the best of your ability from the moment we arrive, to the moment we drive away! We will also assist you with what exercises to do when you aren’t being trained by us.

We like to make every personal training session different to the next as we find this not only relieves boredom, but it also keeps your body guessing… essential, especially if your goal is weight loss!

To book a FREE Meet and Greet with us to discuss one on one personal training in Perth, please contact Jeremy on 08 6444 4180 or e-mail