Mobile PT Services

Can't get to the gym? - Your Mobile Personal Trainer is on the way!

One on One

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Have a wedding coming up?
Need to pass that physical?

If you have that need or burning desire to see results, 1-1 personal training is perfect as 100% of our focus is on you.


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Grow with each other's support and spend a little extra time together. We provide a fitness trainer to your home and train you both together. 

We find couples training is great for those who are a little competitive or just need the person who is the closest to them give them that little bit extra.


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Keep your staff happy and health with our now-very-popular Corporate Challenges. 

Create the environment you need for your business to thrive.

Create your group

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Get your friends together and get healthy together! We will charge you per group, not per individual so the more the merrier!

Health Retreats

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Reinvigorate your body with our health retreats to allow yourself to experience the Swan Valley like never before


Book your FREE Strategy Session
To find out what best package suits you, please book in your FREE Strategy session with Jeremy online.

The session is completed via Zoom, and all you need is a working computer or tablet and wifi. 


We'd love to work with you.

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