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Slim Jim/Kim

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Want to lose weight and feel great? Then this program is for you. 

Whether you are male (Jim) or female (Kim) choose up to 5 different levels

No equipment required!

Comes with a Slim Nutrition Plan!


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Have that fitness target your after? Want to be able to run 10km without stopping? or cycle 30km without a problem?

This is the perfect program. 

Choose up to 10 different levels, this program is guaranteed to have plenty of cardio, strength and core. 

Comes with a Fit Nutrition Plan

Lean & Mean

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Want to tone up? See your muscle definition? This is the program you want.

Designed to suit females - this targets the areas that the female love! 

Expect to see lots of activities on the core, legs and butt!

Comes with a 'Lean' nutrition plan to complement!


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Are you in pain? Want to be touch your toes? Or just want to feel better?

This program is perfectly designed to get you moving freely without any discomfort.

Comes with a 'Flex' Nutrition Plan.


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Want something else? Our Personal Coaching Program is by far the most popular program as it is perfectly customised for you. 

Receive private 1-1 LIVE coaching sessions, a customised nutrition plan and so much more!


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To find out what program best suits you, please book in your FREE Strategy session with Jeremy online.

The session is completed via Zoom, and all you need is a working computer or tablet and wifi. 


We'd love to work with you.

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