Our Packages 
Our packages start from just $1 a day! Choose the right program and level that suits you needs. 
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Choose the program and level that suits you and we will deliver it to your phone or tablet via our app. Each phase includes 12 weeks worth of automated workouts and goals, with an easy to use calendar and dashboard. Just sign up, complete the form and get started!
Personal Coaching
Want a more 'customised' approach? Our Personal Coaching program is designed specifically for you and your health goals. 

With regular LIVE 1-1 Online coaching sessions, we will continue to tweak your program, and create the right program you need to succeed. 
  • LIVE 1-1 Online Coaching Sessions
  • ​Awesome Customised Daily Workouts (with instructions)
  • Nutrition Assessment and report
  • ​Customised Meal Plan
  • ​Daily Support and more
Virtual Personal Training
Your trainer will take you through your VPT session via video, on any device. Do your live VPT session from your own space and work out at your optimal level. With a focus on technique, intensity, results and fun! Sign up for a FREE session today!
Virtual Bootcamp
We hold regular 30min online Virtual Bootcamps that you can join each week from whenever you like! Simply have your towel and water bottle ready, put on your favourite song and join in with everyone that you will see via video!
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