One on One Personal Training 
in Perth

100% designed for your health goals
One on One personal training is the most flexible and convenient way of ensure you are getting the exercise you need. No more paying for a gym membership you don't use. No more reasons for not doing the work. Mobile Personal Training has just about eliminated all the reasons we have. 

Your mobile personal trainer will come to you, will all the equipment that is necessary in order to complete a full body workout. We like to make each session different to the next for two reasons. One is boredom. Doing the same exercises day in day now even to the most religious person will eventually be enough to cause de-motivation and two, your body will eventually plateau, meaning you will have exactly the same body you have now. Most of us like to see a change in physical appearance and if that is your goal, we would love to ensure this happens. 

Before we start, we run through a strategy session with you. At the strategy session, we will get to know you, ask a bunch of questions, plus get you to complete a couple of tasks prior to our mobile appointment. 

At the mobile appointment, we will complete a health check and fitness test, to test your physical capabilities. (all explained below)  - we run these physicals every 8 weeks to ensure you are always improving in your health and fitness. 

Best of all, our mobile sessions are 100% tailored to your exact goals. For example, if your goal is to run 10m without stopping, expect to see a running plan with interval, endurance, explosion, core and overall strength and active recovery. 

Here is a breakdown of the services we offer our one-on-one clients.


Our health check involves checking your blood pressure, posture analysis, girth measurements from head to toe, body composition test, BMI and so much more, you know all the fun stuff. 

We run these checks on the 1st mobile session of the month so you know we are such a couple of weeks away from seeing more results. 


At Committed 2 Fitness, we need to also know where you at physically, which is why we run a full physical, targeting every fitness component there is to know where we are at with our progress. 

Every 8 weeks we will run these tests to show you just how far you have come in such a short period of time. If you have done the tasks and attended every appointment, you are going to be pleasantly surprised!


Every mobile session we run, we will look at your previous stats, what exercises you did, and how we can improve from your last scheduled session. 

100% of our focus is on you, meaning there is no chance of hiding in the corner, plus we will ensure their is lots of variety in your routines. 


At the end of every mobile session where you heart is going and you have pushed yourself to your limit, being able to be completely relaxed and be stretched by your trainer is the best way of improving your flexibility and recovery. 

This enables you to live your life without the worry about struggling to move, increases energy, improves blood flow and so much more!

The Benefits Are Clear

By choosing a 
mobile personal trainer for
 your health, the benefits
 are endless

Gym or Mobile PT?

When deciding what path to take, remember this. What has got you to this point? If it's motivation, then the gym isn't the answer. Once the membership is signed, you will rarely hear from them. 

With us it's completely different. We will always be in touch, ensuring you are all track, attending every appointment and staying hungry for success. 
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No Travelling! 
Exercise in a comfortable environment
Use light and safe portable equipment
Get LIVE technical assistance and motivation
Train outdoors, beach, home, anywhere!.
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"Never have I been apart of a company that cares so much about you. Not only have I lost 12kgs, I feel the healthiest and happiest I have ever been, you must give them a try"



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