Corporate Fitness Challenge in Perth

Boost Team Morale - Reduce Sick Leave - Increase Productivity
Imagine running a business where there is very little or no sick leave, a 20% increase in productivity from last financial year and a great environment to be in. 

Introducing your Corporate Challenge - a great incentive based program designed to encourage team building, friendly competition and in turn create the right environment for your business.  The challenge runs for 16 weeks. In this time each participant will have completed a screen test, mini appraisal and have completed a physical that we also complete in week 8 & 16. The challenge involves a number of different types of classes, with the aim of keeping the challenge new, different and fun! 

Each participant will be paired in teams of two (or three) with a leaderboard announcement made on each team every week, encouraging competition. Our online program compliments our mobile sessions immensely, plus if a participant misses a scheduled mobile group session for any reason, they can view the designed class and complete it at another time!

In Week 2 & 3, we will contact each participant personally, to assist in making the challenge an even better experience by setting individual goals for them. With help of our exclusive C2F Fitness app, we will be able to keep each participant accountable, hungry and focused for success. 

Each participant also has the opportunity every Saturday morning to speak with Jeremy personally at 7am via zoom, through our Saturday support group. This group has been designed with the view of assisting each participant every week, tweaking their existing programs, monitoring their food and much, more. Visit our health coaching page for more. 


During the 16 Week Corporate Challenge - you will be encourage to 'release' that competitive jean and work together to help your team win!   

Each week you will see the leaderboard and where you are at. Friendly banter is highly encouraged with the sole purpose for everyone to get involved and get results!


During the challenge, a BIG part of it is accountability. Who shows up to the group sessions, who logs their food, who completes the tasks we give is all apart of it. When we hold each other accountable, the results comes along with it! 


The best part about our challenge is you get to choose your times and type of classes you would like us to run. Choose from a range of classes from bootcamp to yoga or like many, choose them all! Contact us now for the list of classes we run. 


At Committed 2 Fitness, we charge per group, not per person. If fact we allow up to 12 per group at no additional cost! So, the more staff that are involved, the more beneficial this is for your business! 

The Benefits Are Clear

Create the environment, your staff will want to come to!

Why should your business start a health program?

According to, the latest health results have shown as a nation, sick leave is costing us 34 Billion a year, with many Australian taking sick due to excessive and prolonged work pressure. 

By introducing a health program, not only are you showing you care about your employees, but you are saving potential costs. 
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12 people are able to join at no extra cost! 
Team Building; encouraging participation
Set up the challenge your way
Friendly Competition - Incentive Based
Extremely Affordable Option
"The experience we have had with Committed 2 Fitness has been second to none. Love the way they run their classes, always keeping us guessing"


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