Interview with Sarah

Q: So Sarah, how long have you been a mobile personal trainer for? 

A: Since June last year, so 7 months now.

Q: And how are you finding it?

A: Great! Would be nice to have a few more clients, but the clients I do have are really nice and training well.

Q: What were you doing prior to this?

A: I was completing Exercise and Sports Science at Uni

Q: Which university was that?


Q: Have you done anything else fitness related?

A: Yes, I have and still am currently a sport trainer for a club.

Q: Why would a client feel they could improve with you as their trainer?

A: I feel I am easy to get along with and I train myself so I know what is required to get results.

Q: Just one more question, what you say to anyone who is thinking about hiring a personal trainer?

A: Don’t think, do!

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