Injury Prevention: The Importance of Recovery

The best news you’re going to hear all day is that relaxing on the couch can improve your fitness. Of course, no one is going to recommend binge-watching Netflix over taking fitness classes in Perth to tighten glutes or finally achieve those six-pack abs but the reality is that rewarding yourself with recovery time enhances the work you have put in while working out. While the idea of doing nothing to get something is attractive, it is very important to remember that recovery isn’t as simple as it sounds and just like there are correct ways to do lunges, there are right and wrong ways to let your body improve itself.

First thing first, being Committed 2 Fitness is obviously one of the healthiest things you can do for your body but overtraining it is not! It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of intense exercise but doing it all the time can negatively affect the body by exhausting the muscles and in worst case scenarios, damaging them. Taking time for quieter things like cooling down and stretching is just as important as sprints and Jumping Jacks. This is formally known as “active recovery” as it requires low-impact movement but will allow your muscles time to heal tissue that was exerted during the extreme parts of a session.

Active recovery sounds even more appealing when you find out that the most important component of it is more sleep. With such busy lives, sleep is often the first thing to go but just like how simple stretching subtly aids high impact workouts, sleep is the silent force behind getting the best out of everything you do. An inadequate amount of sleep can increase stress while you’re awake, prohibit the important muscle recovery, decrease your mood and even affect hormone levels which can show up on your body and render the workouts almost useless.  It’s refreshing to know that gifting yourself the right amount of shut eye is possibly the easiest component to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Finally, finding the perfect balance between exercise and recovery is just like finding the right dumbbell weight: It’s all about numbers. Experts recommend abiding by the 80/20 ratio, meaning that while majority of your time is dedicated to a healthy life it is integral to still have plenty of time left over to enjoy yourself and catch-up on the latest season of your favourite TV show.

Understanding the importance of rest will have a long-lasting effect on your fitness. Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your body or just want a relaxing chat with one of our leading fitness trainers, Committed 2 Fitness welcomes you to contact us to find out more about safe and smart ways to look and feel your best.

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