Our History

What we have done since 2005

We were born

Committed 2 Fitness was started in Perth with a handful of clients and one big dream.

Nutrition Plans 

The importance of nutrition was noticed and therefore included in our services

Health Coaching

Life Coaching with the main focus on health, happiness and mindset shifted our way of thinking...

Our Fitness App

Our world class app allowed us to train you when we weren't there. A real game changer!

Virtual PT

With the need to help clients in a safer environment, virtual pt is quickly becoming a fan favourite!
The name 'Committed 2 Fitness' was first established in 2004 and officially commenced on the 1st of January 2005 by the founder Jeremy Thom. Jeremy created Committed 2 Fitness from just a handful of clients, with a giant leap of faith and support of his friends and family. He was driven by the dire need for a mobile health service that could benefit the people of Perth.

On a survey conducted in early 2004, Jeremy learned the three main reasons why people were not living a healthy lifestyle.
1. They did not have the time
2. They found gyms to be a ‘daunting’ experience
3. They did not know what to do

In 2005 Committed 2 Fitness came in to being to ‘reach out’ to many people. Mums who battled finding babysitters and needed to be in arms reach of their children, particularly those who wanted to get fit but either felt uncomfortable in a gym environment, battled with finding babysitters or preferred training outdoors or at home. From basic marketing, word of mouth and with the introduction of facebook, Committed 2 Fitness recruited their first official trainer in 2006.

In 2007, Jeremy realised that most of his current clients weren't getting the results he expected and decided rather than continuing to expand, go back to university where he completed a Bachelor in Commerce to now completing his Bachelor of Health (nutrition) 

In 2011, with a new skill under the belt, Committed 2 Fitness started offering customised nutrition plans for each individual. Committed 2 Fitness reached an all time high in our number of trainers (4) and clients (53). 

Unfortunately in 2012, Jeremy was involved in a serious car accident, which unfortunately prevented the growth of Committed 2 Fitness. Through this event, Jeremy understands the importance of health more than ever and urges all of his staff and clients to follow the Committed 2 Fitness system. 

In 2015, Jeremy decided to add one more string to the bow and became a Life Coach at the Life Coach Institute. He learned that the mindset of each individual plays a vital role in whether we will be successful or not and now implies the strategies he learned to Committed 2 Fitness. Also, during this time, Jeremy had a vision where he wanted to help people without him or his staff being there. He wanted to create a support and education program designed to teach clients about how to live healthy lives on a daily basis. Jeremy knew that clients couldn't afford mobile personal training long term in today's market, therefore finding a way to keep costs down for the client was also paramount. 

In 2018, Committed 2 Fitness exclusive app was born. Jeremy finally found the missing piece that clients needed to be successful in their health. Now regardless on whether the client could afford at home mobile personal training or not, they would still get the results they want. What is also exciting to Jeremy was that the clients did not even have to be based in Perth. Committed 2 Fitness now has online clients in Sydney and Melbourne and is planning over the next 5 years to add mobile personal training services to these two locations. 

In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 crisis that has put self-isolation as paramount, the importance of living a healthy lifestyle has never been so important. Which is why we developed virtual personal training to allow people to train people safely from their very own home. 

In 2021, Committed 2 Fitness has even bigger plans, from affiliate marketing to launching virtual studios around Australia.

We are excited to see what this year and the next few years will bring and we look forward seeing you become our next success story.   We encourage clients to use this knowledge in their everyday lives.

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