The Harmful Effects of Sugar

You’re probably aware of the negative effect sugar has on your waistline, but did you also know it can affect your mental health and lead to a range of chronic illnesses?
Weight gain is a widely known and extremely common side effect of excessive sugar consumption, but with the added kilos also comes insulin resistance, sugar addiction, and unwanted cavities.

The human body isn’t equipped to handle large amounts of sugar, and despite it being a common ingredient in not only sweets but also breads and sauces; it’s one of the worst substances you can consume. Committed 2 Fitness are qualified nutritionists in Perth who can develop a personalised meal planner for you, which will ensure your diet is filled with healthy, nutritional meals that will satisfy your cravings minus the harmful effects of sugar.

Foods that contain large amounts of sugar are filled with empty calories. This means that they aren’t providing your body with any essential nutrients and can lead to overeating. Indulging in sugar will put you on a high, but not for good reasons. Sugar-filled treats can cause a release of dopamine – often referred to as the happy drug – which is one of the reasons it’s so hard to stop at just one piece of chocolate.

Perhaps one of the more troubling effects of sugar is insulin resistance. If you’re guilty of indulging in a sneaky piece of chocolate cake for breakfast, or sneaking a donut for morning tea, you could be unknowingly increasing your body’s demand for insulin. Not only will this make it harder for your body to convert food into usable energy, it can also cause a build up of glucose in the blood, leading to fatigue, hunger, high blood pressure, and extra weight around your stomach. If this process becomes normal for your body, you’ll be at higher risk of developing diabetes and a host of other illnesses.

With a proven link between sugar and type 2 diabetes, it’s worth thinking twice about that can of soft drink you’re craving. The more sugar you consume, the harder it becomes for your pancreas to produce enough insulin to keep your blood sugar down. When this happens your blood sugar levels skyrocket and you put yourself at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

If that isn’t bad enough, heart disease and cancer are also common effects of a high-sugar diet. Did you know that heart disease and stroke are the number one cause of death among people with type 2 diabetes? This is largely because diabetes and obesity are two of the biggest risk factors for heart disease.
Doctors have reason to believe that high-sugar diets are associated with an elevated risk of pancreatic cancer. It has been suggested that the link between sugar, obesity and diabetes could increase susceptibility, this is yet to be proven – but is it worth the risk?
Quitting refined sugar can be tough, so to make your transition easier, it could be worth trying some natural sweeteners that will satiate your cravings without impacting your health. Stevia, Erythritol, Xylitol and Yacon Syrup are some safe low-calorie options that are worth considering, but make sure you speak with a nutritionist or doctor before you make any decisions.
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