About Us

Committed 2 Fitness was established in 2004 and commenced in 2005 by Jeremy Thom. Jeremy created Committed 2 Fitness from the ground up, with the help and support of his friends and family. He was driven by the dire need for a mobile health service that could benefit the people of Perth.

On a survey conducted in early 2004, Jeremy learned the three main reasons why people were not exercising.

  • They did not have the time
  • They found gyms to be a ‘daunting’ experience and expensive
  • They did not have the knowledge to go about it themselves


Committed 2 Fitness came in to being to ‘reach out’ to many people, particularly those who wanted to get fit but felt uncomfortable in a gym environment, or were not motivated enough to follow a self taught program. C2F prides themselves in passing on their fitness and nutritional knowledge to all of their clientele. We encourage clients to use this knowledge in their everyday lives.

From his extensive hands on experience, Jeremy has learnt that by training clients in their very own homes, it makes them feel a lot more comfortable and able to train to the best of their ability. Thus people no longer have to feel daunted by those crowded gyms and by constantly having other people around them. Another benefit of at-home training that C2F endorses is the flexibility for mothers to be able to train while being in arms reach of their children. I am a father of two children, so I understand how frustrating finding babysitters. We eliminate this problem!

As Committed 2 Fitness has progressed, so have client training options and our personal trainers. C2F now has 4 trainers available and our area has now expanded from the Perth CBD, to as North as Joondalup/Butler, South as Fremantle and as East as Midland.

In 2009, Committed 2 Fitness started offering Nutrition Services as we discovered our clients needed not only help, but structure with their diet. Too much information was put upon them, from lemon detox diets to an all-protein diet. Once we showed them how easy it could be, and still allowing them to enjoy their foods, we started having a number of our clients shedding more and more kilos.

In 2017, Committed 2 Fitness started offering life & mindset coaching, due to the fact that although clients were amazing when we were there, they weren't doing much when we weren't. As much as we would love to be at their home 24/7, we knew we couldn't.

Instead, Committed 2 Fitness along with the Committed 2 Fitness app, allowed us to provide customised exercise programs all online to follow during the week. Along with our weekly coaching sessions, you CAN'T fail.

Committed 2 Fitness, since expanding online can now help more people, no matter where you are in the world, we can assist you with your diet, exercise and mindset.

C2F is looking to continuing to look for ways to help those who are struggling for time and need the support to be successful. Committed 2 Fitness look forward to what 2018 and beyond has in store and we hope to provide our clients with more and more great services and training options. So here’s to achieving goals, keeping motivated and staying “Committed 2 Fitness”. We wish you luck for your fitness endeavours and look forward to hearing from you!

A few notes from the company proprietor and some of our trainers are below.

"I am very concerned with the growing obesity rate in Australia and I want to help those suffering get motivated and live longer. As a trainer it’s always the best feeling when a person has exceeded their expectations, and I want to be a part of their journey." - Founder: Jeremy

"I just want to give others a chance to achieve their goals in the same method many of my other clients have succeeded." - Trainer: Jonathan

"I love helping people feel good, therefore I am always looking to improve myself which drives my clients to succeed." - Trainer: Ewald