Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven't answered your question, please email the team sales@committed2fitness.com.au and we will be in touch very shortly. 

Most Common Questions

How much do you charge?

Our lowest package is only $1 per day, so we believe we have packages to suit most budgets, however it does come down to your goals and what we feel you need to be successful. 



   Can I have a trial?

With the exception of our automated programs, we offer a complimentary 14 day trial. Ask for one today! 

Do you cover my area?

If you live in Perth, Western Australia, then there is a great chance we do! 

However, now as we offer Virtual Personal Training, Bootcamps and Personal Coaching all online, we can help you be successful in  your health, anywhere in the world :)

    How long is the          Membership?

Our memberships run for 16 or 26 weeks. By giving us this Commitment, we can commit to you and ensure results are met in the time we have together.

Can I still eat what I want?

We still want you to enjoy food and we don't want this to be a 'short-term' grind. 

This will be more of a 'lifestyle change', therefore we will be allocating certain times where you will get to enjoy the odd slice of cake. :)

    Can I have a male      trainer?

In order for us to give you the best possible price, we do allocate your trainer based on your location. However, if you do request a trainer, if that trainer is available, we can arrange this for a small travelling fee.

    Can I upgrade            later?

Absolutely. Everyone is different, and as we are seeing you on a Weekly Basis, we will be able to see if you need to upgrade or if we could even downgrade, saving you money while still getting results!

    Can I arrange a          payment plan?

You bet. In fact, our membership are all on a weekly subscription, so you don't need to pay anything upfront (unless you want to). 

    Can I still get my        goal if I can't run?

You can! We have trained people for success in wheelchairs, so a simple knee or shin splint injury won't be a problem. However, we do encourage all forms of exercises if you are physically able to.

    I have 4 friends.        Can we train              together?

You bet! - You can create your own group and virtually train together!

    Do I need my              own equipment?

Not at all. We have many unique bodyweight routines that you can complete online or virtually with us.

    Can I cancel?

Of course, but only once the membership has been completed. We also ask you to complete our cancellation form to formalise the change. 

    Do I get a                    kickback if I refer?

Yes, right now each current member receives a kickback of 20%. This means if you refer 5 friends who sign up, you may be receiving our service for FREE.


   How much time         should I be                 allocating for             exercise?

It does depend on your goals, and when you want to achieve that goal by, however as a general rule of thumb, we would encourage you to allocate 20mins per day. 

    Can I pay by                credit card?

Yes, we will arrange your plan by your nominated account, whether this is by credit card or your personal bank account. We do charge a small fee of 1.9% per transaction in accordance with our merchant Ezi-Debit.

    Do you train                people with a            disability?

Yes, in fact if you happen to be under the NDIS banner, we are a provider, which means most of our cost is paid by them! Book a free strategy session to find out more.

    Can I suspend?

You can. We will put you on our 'holiday membership rate' to allow you still full access of our exclusive fitness app so you don't lose everything we have worked so hard for together.

   What are your           hours? Do you do     weekends?

The answer to all the above is, YES! Our first session is typically 5am, with our latest appointment being 7pm on weekdays. Our weekends normally are between 6am and 12pm, however we do accommodate for those who need later if needed. 

Have further questions?

We'd be happy to help.

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