Crash Dieting: Not the Solution

Losing weight quickly shouldn’t be your focus when beginning a diet.  Restrictive diets known as ‘Crash Dieting’ are the easiest way to quickly burn out and gain unwanted kilos. Instead of devising a healthy meal plan that will increase your metabolism while still giving your body all its necessary nutrients, crash diets simply lower your calorie intake to often dangerous levels which forces your body to store fat for energy.

While crash dieting may seem like the easiest option because less food equals less weight, as well as it being a speedy solution, it’s actually the quickest way to go wrong and slow the whole process down.


Unfortunately, crash dieting is equally bad for your insides as it is a diet based only on starvation. The body must overcompensate for nutrients to survive and produces hormones that are dangerous to both the weight loss process and your overall physical and mental health. For example, because your body has no idea when the next meal will come, if at all, a hormone called Ghrelin increases and makes you hungrier, causing you to feel like you want to eat everything. This is not an easy way to live, as the enjoyment of shedding pounds is replaced by continuous thoughts about food that will do the opposite, and if indulged, will often increase your bad fat intake and up your cholesterol levels. This perpetual starvation mode also saps your energy which makes simple tasks like walking very difficult and healthy exercise practically impossible.


Losing weight as fast as you can, isn’t just a bad idea for long term results, it can also be dangerous. Without essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron and amino acids (among many more), areas like your sympathetic nervous system cease to do their job which in turn lowers your core temperature and slows down your heart rate which can cause you to faint. Chronic mineral restrictions can alter health in the long term with repercussions such as fluid imbalances, an irregular heart beat and loss of bone mass. Starvation can also have an extreme psychological effect and may lead to serious conditions such as anorexia and bulimia, which are very difficult to overcome. This isn’t a rational diet and not how you lose weight to ensure the longevity.


When making the decision to change your diet, there is no point attempting one that simply won’t work. Crash diets can be initially seductive because of a significant drop in the scales, but this is often just water weight that will very quickly come back as soon as you resume normal eating habits. If you do manage to stay on track with the restrictions for a longer period, your body is going to start overcompensating, changing your metabolism which will make it more difficult to lose weight the healthy way in the future.


These types of diets are notoriously difficult to stick to and serve no positive purpose. Overall, it is smarter, easier and healthier to shed weight with a balanced diet and exercise. If you need help organising your weight loss plan, then get in contact with Committed 2 Fitness, and our nutritionists in Perth can help you achieve the results you want in a healthy way.

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