How to Break Your Junk Food Addiction

It should come as no surprise to any of us that junk food is highly addictive. Nutritionists and other qualified professionals define the term “junk food” as anything that is high in calories, sugar, and fat, but includes very few nutrients to help the body. 

Foods like this cause your body to experience an artificial high, while blood sugar levels plummet and result in you feeling flat, tired and craving even more sugar to boost your energy levels. This results in a continuous cycle of eating and craving more junk food, which isn’t good for our heart…or our waist.

If you think you’re experiencing a junk food addiction, it could help to talk to an experienced nutritionist who can develop an eating plan to help you overcome it.

Step 1: Clear Your Pantry

It might be hard to say goodbye, but the most important first step is to get rid of all the junk food from your cupboards and fridge, and go stock up on fresh, natural and unprocessed foods. Remember, out of sight, out of mind – if you’re not tempted by junk food around your home, then you won’t eat it.

Although you might like sugary and salty treats now, and think healthy food is less than appealing, remember how much better your body feels and works when you eat food that’s good for you. According to some studies, it only takes around six weeks to ditch an unhealthy junk food habit!

Make sure your fridge and pantry contain fresh fruit, lots of vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, wholegrains and lean proteins. Now you’re on the right track!

Step 2: Plan Your Meals

A sure-fire way to stay on track is to plan all of your meals in advance. Knowing what you’re putting into each meal and making them yourself will develop healthier habits over time and stop you from opening the fridge every hour out of boredom.

If you’re worried about not having enough time to make your meals, or that you’re not a culinary expert, don’t stress! There are plenty of recipes out there geared at people exactly like you – who want to eat healthy and get fit, but not slave in the kitchen for endless hours.

Ensure all of your meals contain a source of lean protein to help curb and combat your sugar cravings. Protein will also help keep you fuller for longer, so you’re not reaching for unhealthy snacks in between meals.

Step 3: Consult the Nutritionists

We all need a little guidance in life, and a qualified nutritionist can really help guide and support you in the early days of breaking a food addiction. You will feel more energised and motivated to kick your junk food habit to the curb if you have a food plan to follow, which will help you stay on track.

Your nutritionist can also recommend supplements or minerals to help balance your blood sugar levels, keeping you in control. Committed 2 Fitness has dedicated, qualified Perth nutritionists ready to give you the support you need.

So, if you’re seeking help for a junk food or other food-related addiction, consult our nutrition experts at Committed 2 Fitness – we’re always available, so get in touch today.

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