How to Recognise and Break Fitness Plateaus with Personal Training

Let’s be honest, even the most committed fitness fanatics sometimes fall off the wagon. Regardless of your goal – whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle or master a new skill – we’ve all experienced the dreaded plateau on our fitness journey.

Although you’re certainly not alone, there’s nothing more frustrating than working your butt off in the gym and watching what you eat, only to see little to no results. There are a number of reasons why some of us hit a plateau, but the most common explanation is that you’ve probably established a consistent fitness and lifestyle routine that your body has caught up to – and this is nothing to be ashamed of! If anything, you should congratulate yourself for working so hard!

Sometimes, the best option to break a plateau is to recognise it and enlist a little help from personal training experts and qualified nutritionists – let us tell you why.

Plan Your Meals with a Nutritionist

Nutritional deficiencies can take a massive toll on your fitness goals. Oftentimes, we are so diligent when it comes to our food intake at the start of our fitness journey that it’s easy (and common) to fall off the wagon during it.

Tracking your calories and seeing how much you’re really eating is great, but consulting a qualified nutritionist is the best way to get right back on track! A nutritionist can analyse your diet and provide clarity on the best foods to eat to for your personalised goals, as well as help you plan out your meals.

At Committed 2 Fitness, we have Perth’s best and experienced nutritionists ready to help when you need it most!

Change Up Your Workout Routine

If you’ve been doing the same workout for months on end, it’s likely that one of two things has
happened: either you’ve stopped pushing yourself because you’re bored with the routine, or the workout is now not challenging enough for your fitness level.

Take a critical look at what you’re doing at the gym – are you really going as hard as you should be? It’s hard to challenge ourselves sometimes, particularly when we lose motivation once we hit a plateau.

Setting yourself a personal goal to reach at each workout should help tick you along, and our personal trainers will help plan new workouts for you, so that you keep challenging your body. Our personal trainers are always available to lend you a helping hand!

Get Regular Body Fat Testing

Perhaps you’ll find that you’re not in a plateau at all, and maybe you’ve just gained muscle and lost fat along your fitness journey! Everybody knows that muscle weighs more than fat, but it can still be discouraging to see the numbers on the scale rise up instead of down.

This is why it’s super important to have your body fat tested regularly, to keep track of measurements that are far beyond weight and will give you a more accurate reading of how far you’ve come!

Our Perth personal trainers are well equipped to perform body fat testing to help you track your progress better.

Hop to It

You should always aim to move one step closer to your goal so don’t give up if you feel you’ve reached a plateau. At Committed 2 Fitness, our experts are always here to help give you a fresh burst of motivation.

Make sure you reach out to us today to break through your fitness rut!

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