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What is ‘Commit25’?

Do you have a weight loss goal? Do you have a little black dress or pair of pants that you wish you could fit into? At Committed to Fitness, we not only want you to achieve your goals, we want to help get you there as quickly and as easily as possible.

Personalised Personal Training

Committed 2 Fitness has a brand new, one-on-one, online personal training service that can help you realise your fitness goals in only six months. Unlike other diet, fitness and exercise apps that only focus on one component, Commit25 takes care of all three in one convenient, easy-to-use app. As well as providing you with all the information you need to hit your fitness target, our app lets you log your training sessions, allowing your online personal trainer to help keep you on track with the program and provide you with encouragement to keep you motivated.

We know life can get a little hectic sometimes, whether you’ve got a family to look after or a full-time job to keep up with (or like the many of us who have both), it can sometimes seem like there’s just no time left in the day to squeeze in some exercise. The beauty of our program is that you only need to find 25 minutes each day to complete it. Whether you choose to work out at home or your local, gym, our videos will show you how to perform each exercise, provide positive reassurance and guidance, all while helping you to maximise your time. Oh, and we also manage to fit in that all important recovery time.

Personalised Diet Plan

Getting fit and healthy isn’t just about keeping active, it’s also about what you put in your mouth each day, and Commit25 has you covered here as well. Working with a qualified Perth nutritionist, we have over 25 diet strategies to choose from to help create a personalised diet plan that will not only ensure you get results, but also fit in with your lifestyle.

Last, but certainly not least, our program also helps you to work on your mental strength. You can have all the right tools and knowledge to make a change, but to really see results you need to be able stay focused, motivated and positive. We will work with you to show you how to keep yourself in the right mindset that will allow you to keep your eyes on the prize and reach your goal.

Online Personal Training: You Won’t Be Alone

While you might be completing your program though your phone, you are not alone. Your online personal trainer will personally contact you via Skype or Facebook each week to see how you’re going and talk through any frustrations you may have.

We are currently offering a free trial of our Commit25 program, which also includes two free coaching consultations. So what are you waiting for? To take advantage of this offer and finally find a training program that will give you real results, just click the link here!

Injury Prevention: The Importance of Recovery

The best news you’re going to hear all day is that relaxing on the couch can improve your fitness. Of course, no one is going to recommend binge-watching Netflix over taking fitness classes in Perth to tighten glutes or finally achieve those six-pack abs but the reality is that rewarding yourself with recovery time enhances the work you have put in while working out. While the idea of doing nothing to get something is attractive, it is very important to remember that recovery isn’t as simple as it sounds and just like there are correct ways to do lunges, there are right and wrong ways to let your body improve itself.

sugar block committed 2 fitness

The Harmful Effects of Sugar

You’re probably aware of the negative effect sugar has on your waistline, but did you also know it can affect your mental health and lead to a range of chronic illnesses?
Weight gain is a widely known and extremely common side effect of excessive sugar consumption, but with the added kilos also comes insulin resistance, sugar addiction, and unwanted cavities.

Crash Dieting: Not a healthy meal plan

Crash Dieting: Not the Solution

Losing weight quickly shouldn’t be your focus when beginning a diet.  Restrictive diets known as ‘Crash Dieting’ are the easiest way to quickly burn out and gain unwanted kilos. Instead of devising a healthy meal plan that will increase your metabolism while still giving your body all its necessary nutrients, crash diets simply lower your calorie intake to often dangerous levels which forces your body to store fat for energy.

Mobile Massage Perth

Maximise Your Exercise With Massages

A massage is one of the most relaxing and restorative things you can do for your body with several health benefits that justify indulging in them regularly. Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or maintain an active lifestyle for fun and fitness, your body responds to massage therapy in a variety of positive ways like helping to rejuvenate muscles, to increasing the levels of stress-reducing serotonin and everything in between. In fact, investing in regular massages ensures that your body can function at its optimal level and the best part is that you can improve yourself while laying down.

Personal Trainers

The Committed to Fitness Approach to Health and Fitness

Going to the gym can be daunting, time consuming and blatantly underwhelming. There’s large crowds of people, complicated machines that are often an inefficient use of time and the inconvenience of waiting your turn for the treadmill, leaving you with no option but to sit on a bench and scroll through emails while you wait your turn.

Breakfast Smoothie that we all enjoy here!

What better way to start your day than with a healthy, nutritious and filling Breakfast Smoothie. After having lots of fun, with many different ingredients. (Ok, so some didn’t taste nice) we have made sure we chose smoothies featuring a more robust and filling set of ingredients designed to keep you going until your mid-morning meal.

This breakfast smoothie is designed to get you moving, fill you with energy and taste great. If you have any breakfast smoothie recipes you would like to share please send them to sales@committed2fitness.com.au.

Exercise can help prevent Dementia

Dementia as you may know is a cruel disease where the brain is no longer functioning properly. This means if you have dementia or know someone who has dementia the chances are they will suffer short-term memory loss, poor judgment, difficulty performing simple tasks and will have to be reminded on a frequent basis where they are, who they are with, what day it is, etc. When a person develops these symptoms, it is often a sign that something has gone wrong  inside  the  brain.  A visit to the doctor for testing is a critical first step.

Interview with Sarah

Q: So Sarah, how long have you been a mobile personal trainer for? 

Interview with our Client of the Month – Conor

Q: Firstly Conor, congratulations on being the Trainer of the Month for 2015!

A: Um, thanks. I wasn’t expecting it.

Well you deserved it!

A: Thanks again.

Q: Anyway, so Conor how long have you been a Mobile Personal Trainer?

A: Being a mobile personal trainer has been the best job I have had so far – it’s been really good! Enjoying every minute of it.
Before this I worked at various gyms but being training outdoors is so much better.

Awesome, and I am so glad you said that ha ha ha!

Q: What qualifications do you have?

A: I have a Certificate 3 in fitness, Certificate 4 in fitness, A master trainer level 1, Senior First Aid, Strength and Conditioning Level 1, Diploma in Sports Development and Sports Medicine Australia Level 1.

Q: Wow, that’s a lot of qualifications! What strength do you believe you have or why would a client feel they could improve with you as a trainer?

A: I would say my communication and people skills are pretty high – I get to know them on a personal level and I feel like I can get the best out of them for what they want to achieve.

Q: Just one more question, what you say to anyone who is thinking about having a mobile personal trainer?

A: Do it! You won’t regret it.

What 10 cans of coke a day can do…

Here is another, like the “Supersize Me” guy, who wonder what would happen if he could drank 10 cans of Coke a day for 30 days. As expected, his blood pressure increased, resting hear rate increased, even his cravings! It’s amazing what an increase in sugar can really do.

Why is recovery just as important as exercise?

After a great workout, muscles are tired, contracted and fatigue is already starting. However, there are 7 steps you can do to help relieve DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which will allow you to get off the toilet seat!

Meal to try this Month

Here is one of the many meals that are available for all Committed 2 Fitness Members. Add this to your food plan today!

An interview with Kiri

Q: So Kiri, how long have you been a Mobile Personal Trainer?

A: Not very long, but you have to start somewhere, right?. I am really enjoying Mobile Personal Training because I love the outdoors and I love being creative.

Q: What qualifications do you have?

A: Certificate IV in fitness like well hopefully most personal trainers have. I obtained this from the WA Fitness Academy. It was a great course and I learned so much. I would definitely recommend those who have the passion for fitness obtain their qualifications through this academy, then find a gym or mobile personal training company who are willing to train you up and well basically become a mentor for you.

Q: Thanks for that Kiri, I do try! What strength do you believe you have or why would a client feel they could improve with you as a trainer?

A: My passion! No matter what day you have had or how you are feeling, I will be there you cheer you up and make you feel great about yourself. I, like every other Committed 2 Fitness (personal) trainer, tend to write everything you guys are doing, sets, reps, rest times. We are doing this so next time, we should see better results every time we train. Also, you would tell us off if we didn’t hahaha.

Q: Once more question, what would you say to anyone who is thinking about having a Personal Trainer?

A: A Mobile or?

Q: No, just in general…

A: Do it! Definitely shop around first, and make sure you find a Personal Trainer who has the passion to help you achieve results. 

Mobile Personal Training Memberships Now Available with Committed 2 Fitness

Gone are the packages, in come the memberships! This is an exciting time for Committed 2 Fitness members as you will now receive many more benefits, plus you will be invited at no extra cost to our Members Days! Details for our first ever Members Day will be provided soon.